Cosmetic Surgery Vs. Plastic Surgery

For people who have always thought that cosmetic and plastic surgery are similar will be in for a rough awakening because the truth in the matter is they are maybe be closely related, but never cross the same paths. The confusion usually occurs since most plastic surgeons tend to move their practice towards cosmetic surgery. Thus leading to a use of certain terms interchangeably, causing confusion among patients. Given below are a few differences between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery.

Different trainings

Since both cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures have very different set of stipulated goals, the training required by surgeons are also rather different from one another. All the training and the certification received by one party will be totally different from the other. Usually plastic surgery training is completed by going through a residency program after graduation, whereas cosmetic surgery training is completed right after residency training. Though plastic surgeons go through a minor training of cosmetic surgery within their course, cosmetic surgeons only focus on their particular field.


When clearly analyzed it can be seen that cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery have rather different goals. Even though both procedures focus on improving how people look, the training, and research which goes into each field is different. Plastic surgery usually focuses on reconstruction to make a certain aspect work normally, while repairing defects. These defects may be caused due to birth disorders, sudden traumas or even diseases. Even though plastic surgeons focus on reconstruction, such as burn restoration and scar revision, many take further training to perform cosmetic procedures such as chin fillers, and effective facelifts.

Cosmetic surgery on the other hand mainly focuses on enhancing an individual’s appearance. All the techniques, the research that is carried out and the procedures aim at appearance improvement. This area of surgery works at achieving the proper symmetry and aesthetic appeal in the body, neck and head regions. While these surgeries are performed by doctors that come from a variety of fields in medicine, some of the procedures include breast enhancement, chin fillers in Singapore, and tummy tucks.

Careful selection

There is no one person who can perform cosmetic surgeries, rather any licensed physician has the legal capabilities to perform a procedure, therefor before you go to a clinic make sure you do a proper research as to what services they provide, and how they have been reviewed by customers who have already gone through certain procedures. You will able to come to a good decision only when you have compared the doctors training and experience as well.

Cosmetic and plastic surgery are two different areas, with different sets of goals, therefor make sure you know what you particularly want before taking the plunge.