Delicious Ideas To Consider

Who does not like delicious food? Many regions of the world have developed their own acquired taste and specialties. Europe is no better, and its members have some of the best sort after and famous dishes of all time. The Netherlands is one such place that has developed a name for unique and refined cooking. Below is a list of some of their favourite dishes;


This is a traditional Dutch specialty dating back not earlier than the 1940’s. The word stamppot means mashed potatoes, vegetables or fruits. As a tradition this dish is usually served with sausage. But it is no normal sausage that adds to the flavour of this recipe. The famous sausage the Dutch use to prepare this is called rookworst, a specially prepared smoked sausage made of fresh pork or other meats mixed together with salt and other spices. A similar process is followed in Belgium with the rookworst is fried rather than smoked. In the European region this dish is mainly made in two ways. One way is to boil vegetables and potatoes separately and they mash them together which is then served with sausage. The other method is to use one pot to boil all the vegetables, potatoes and even the sausage in, although the sausage is not mashed. Whatever method is used, this dish is a favourite that should not be missed by anyone visiting the region.      

Erwtensoep or snert

This dish is a winter favourite in Netherlands and is prepared with split peas soup served with kielbasa & smoked bacon, which is made of Dutch pork. The soup is very thick and creamy which includes not only peas but carrots, onions and celery as well.  It is a perfect a perfect recipe for winter.

Groentesoep met balletjes

This vegetable soup is considered a deliciously amusing meat due to its half and half combination of pork with beef meatballs.  The meatballs can be prepared to highlight various flavours depending on the spices included. Due to its unique mix the process can be adapted in combining various other meats.

Broodje Rookworst

This is Holland’s version of the American hotdog; the broodje rookworst is packed with flavour and stuffed with rookworst. The Ingredients used in making this dish vary from café to restaurant with competition to excel further than the American standards. Though it is compared to the all too common hot dog the Dutch version is said to be far superior due to the quality sausage or rookworsten that they use.

As you can see, quality products are main ingredient in Dutch cooking. So if you are visiting in Netherlands you know what to expect.