How To Give Your Colleagues A Memorable Office Bash

What if you had to take on the responsibility of planning an office bash for your colleagues and the management? There are a lot of things to look into and so many people’s input that you will have to consider as well. Especially the higher management and the Human Resources team will definitely have a lot of feedback for you that you will need to incorporate into the plans that you make. One thing that you need to do from the start is to make sure that you do not let the pressure and the stress get to yu. Keep your chin up and push through because this too is a task dn try to have fun while organizing this. Then relax and just do the very best that you can and trust that everybody else can see it.

Use your skills in a smart manner to your help

For your management to have chosen you as the head of planning in this case, they must have recognized some skills in you or you must have experience organizing similar events in the past. Use those skills to your level best. One good way to do this is to delegate the simple tasks among other peers so that you can start handling the tougher ones on your own with your expertise. For example send one or two colleagues on the hunt for cheap party supplies while you strategize on the agenda of the event and how it will flow. Try to get in as much fun and motivating group activities as you can into the event but make sure that you have the full consent of the relevant departments in your office to do so.

You can never satisfy everybody a hundred percent

This is really important to remember. Most people panic and make the wrong calls because they feel that they are not catering to the interest of everybody but the truth is that you really cannot satisfy every single person who will be attending the event a one hundred percent. You need to understand that some people will even look for faults in party decorations Singapore and lighting while others will be willing to overlook an excessively salty main dish. It just depends upon the type of person that you are working with so keep doing your best and ignore too much criticism.

Get everything approved way ahead of time

This part should be done before you start putting down money on advances and deposits. Once you have planned out the event in general with the details figured out, you will need to get this approved by the management, the HR and the finance department too to ensure that everything is in order. Who and what you need approval on will greatly differ from organization to organization so at the beginning of the task clear all of these areas. Get the approval in writing and on record ahead of time and then proceed with the rest of the planning.