How To Handle Young Kids As A Working Mother

One of the hardest jobs that women will ever do is being a mother but in some instances apart from taking on this overwhelming job, the mother will also be required to work from nine to five in a professional setting. For many parents, the prospect of having to balance being a mother with work may seem overwhelming and stressful at first but with the following tips, we will attempt to ease away the stress and make their lives easier.

Let Go Of the Guilt

Many mothers feel an overwhelming amount of guilt at the prospect of leaving the kids at a day care centre for children instead of staying at home with them. But instead of harping on this fact the mothers should instead deflect this attention towards the benefits that kids would derive from your role within the company. For instance, you working may mean that they would get a better education and that you would have a way to save for the future. Furthermore, one should be proud of the fact that they are teaching their young daughters that women can excel in both worlds.

Handle the Morning Rush

Mornings can be the most overwhelming time for mothers what with getting ready to go to work on time and preparing the kids for kindergarten Singapore. But instead of letting this process overwhelm them the mothers should strive to get prepared to handle this rush the night before. This means that all the clothes should be ironed and hung on hangers, the lunch boxes should be packed and the kids should also be encouraged to pack their school bags the night before in order to prevent forgetting crucial gear at home. 

Create a Family Calendar

Try not to be the parent who forgets all the family activities and the various activities at school. Instead attempt to create a family calendar which would contain all the various after school activities that the children will need to attend, the events that require your presence, the days the utility bills have to be paid and one can even include a chore list on this calendar. But one should make sure to leave some time every Sunday to update the calendar for the upcoming week.


Working full time and being a mother is not an easy task but the readers should accept the fact that they will have both good and bad days, and thus attempt to enjoy both the good and the bad because the children will grow up before you know it and thereafter you would crave for days like this. Furthermore, one should make sure that they are organized and that they have a strong support system to fall back onto in case of an emergency.