How To Keep Your Mouth Clean?

It’s important to keep your mouth clean so that you don’t end up having bad breath and tooth decay. This could be achieved in many ways. You could start off by improving the way you brush your teeth, stop consuming sticky food and forgoing cigarettes.
First of all, it’s important to use the correct toothbrush. Some tooth brushes might have hard bristles and it might damage your teeth in the process. So it’s important to choose the most appropriate brush with the proper bristle hardness and use it. And if you use invisalign, it’s important to brush your teeth regularly when you take it off. Because dirt might get stuck inside and it’s important to brush it off before acid is formed above it and tooth decay starts.

Second of all, it’s important to pay constant visits to the best dental clinic in Singapore. Spending some quality time with the specialists would help you catch problems such as tooth decay, trauma, gum disease and even cancer at an early stage. It’s also good to avoid sugary products. Phosphoric acid and Citric acid are known to be harmful to the teeth because they eat away the tooth surface. Having them occasionally won’t harm you, but having them on regularly basis might affect the enamel of your teeth and it may lead to cavity decay. Water could be a good alternative for soda, and water does not have any side effects.

Moving on, it’s good to try and quit smoking. Both the nicotine and tar in cigarettes might turn the shade of the teeth into yellow. Smoking also causes a ripe environment for bacteria to form along the gum line of the tooth. This might result in tissue damage, bone decay and might eventually increase the risk of tooth loss. Worst case scenario smoking could lead to oral cancer. Therefore, it’s good to quit smoking, or at least reduce the daily cigarette usage.

Using proper brushing technique also helps you keep your mouth healthy and solved dental problems. It’s a must to brush your teeth at least twice a day. Even though people do not give much thought on how brushing works. It’s important to hold the brush in a 45-degree angle and then point it towards the gum line and then use short, gentle and circular motions to brush. You need to brush each tooth at least 10 to 15 times and it’s important not to overdo it as well. Over brushing your teeth might result in damage and might erode the gum line. Therefore it’s important not only to brush, but also to brush right.