Signs To Look Out For HVAC System Maintenance

We often tend to forget to get our HVAC systems serviced on time. However, in certain cases there are signs or symptoms that indicate that your HVAC system might not be working right or needs servicing or repairs. Here are some signs that will indicate the same.

Excess noise generation
While modern and new appliances like air conditioners function with minimal noise, many old units function with some amount of noise. This noise level might be bearable, but you might want to get cheap aircon service in Singapore personnel to look into the issue in case the noise starts suddenly or increases with time. This might indicate certain parts that need repair or replacement within the unit.

Foul smells
This is a common indication that your HVAC system maintenance or air conditioner needs servicing. Often air conditioners release a musty or moldy smell when they are put on. If the air smells stale, this is an indication that molds deposits or growth is present within the unit. This is prevented when you opt for regular servicing from an aircon service company. In case the servicing has been ignored for long, musty or foul smell in the air every time you put on the appliance would mean that the air being circulated has microbes in it. This can put your health at stake and should be addressed promptly.

Increased energy consumption
This is another problem that many people notice with HVAC systems that are running for long. Over time the energy bills tend to rise. While one might not be able to pinpoint the exact issue for which this happens, it might be due to infrequent filter changes or cleaning as well as other servicing requirements that are ignored. Older units need periodic checks and servicing to ensure that they run optimally. This will impact your energy usage as well. Hence, it is imperative that you appoint a regular servicing company to come in and conduct preventative maintenance and servicing of your unit.

The above points help you to be alert in understanding the state of your air conditioner unit. However, it is best that you appoint an expert service to conduct periodic checks and run preventative maintenance servicing of the unit. It is possible to find local servicing companies that can look into the kind of HVAC system you have or any other appliance servicing you need. Signing up for an annual contract for servicing helps home or business owners to save on such costs. Many service companies also have help lines where one can place a call for prompt troubleshooting and repair requirements.