Style Your Project With These Tips

Where interior design is concerned there are a lot of styles which you can use. Such as art deco, modern art, industrial and so on. These styles will help you add texture and give you a perfect finish. With an abundance of unique design styles, it can be a bit difficult to pick which style will work best for you. Some may also combine a number of different styles for a unique and creative appearance.

If you’re looking to learn interior design, a good place to start is by learning a brief overview of each of these styles and how they are distinctive from each other. I will explain to you about some of the styles below.

Art Deco
Art deco is mainly surrounded by geometric shapes, streamlining and clean lines. This is one of the first styles to come out that spotlighted new materials and technologies. Art deco is used on condo interior design in Singapore because of the minimal of space and the use of geometric shapes it will give you the best outlook of the space. The usual colors when it comes to art deco are silver, gold, metallic blue and even black and white. Art deco furniture usually has a glossy finish with a luxurious appearance.

Modern Art
Even though modern art sprang out from art deco it’s defined by its own trends which has gone unchanged for decades. People usually are a bit confused on modern and contemporary styles, the difference between these two is that while contemporary leaves room for edits and alteration, modern does not. It strictly brings out the traditional styles even before the industrial revolution. So you really can’t go wrong when it comes to this style as it is so ambient and classy that it will make your space stand out.

Now this is something you might really like. This style will give you an unfinished rawness like exposed bricks which is completely natural because that’s the idea, to make it look urban. It would be an iconic space with an industrial design theme. Just think about it, it will certainly look good!


It’s always better to do your own research as well since there’s a wide variety of styles which you can choose from and perhaps a combination of styles as well. Since you might already be hooked on the idea of these wonderful styles, you can find your own unique style with a little bit of searching and finding. Even if you are working with one of the preschool interior design, you should be looking to incorporate your own personality.