Things You Should Know When Traveling To A Foreign Land

Are you travelling to an abroad country? Travelling to a foreign land can indeed be a challenge. You will have many things you will need to plan out when going to land that you don’t know anyone. As an explorer, I find myself constantly in the company of foreigners. Therefore, I learned a few vital things that has helped me survive!

Learn their culture

The very first thing I would advise you to do, is to learn about the country’s culture and tradition. Even before you leave your own country, it is a good idea to learn about the country you are travelling to. Because you will be surprised to learn the things that actually offend them and things that are considered normal in that country. And they will have different traditions that you will not understand. For instance, in China they will keep pouring tea on to your cup unless you turn it over. And if you leave tea remaining on your cup it is considered an unnecessary waste.

Try to learn a few words in their languages

You should also learn a few words of the mother tongue in the country you are travelling to. Especially if the country uses very little English. You will need to learn only the most important and relevant words for you. It will not only help you to navigate through the streets but will also help you to bargain and get what you actually need. Also, there will be less misunderstandings between the people you will have to interact with. If you are stay at one of the top five star hotels in Mumbai you will have less problems communicating as they will be trained in English and other common languages. But other places will require you to talk in their mother language which will be an almost impossible task unless you prepare ahead.

 Always double check google map routes

It is actually great option that we are born into the generation of google maps. Because now it has become literally impossible to get lost somewhere. You can very simple switch on your GPS in any part of the world and navigate through google maps. It even shows you live coverage of the traffic situation in the particular part you are traveling in. Even if you are staying in a luxury resort you may need to travel with the help of google maps. But the problem is with google maps you will have to deal with the problem of the road not actually being accessible by cars or the roads being broken or closed. And you may have to travel miles to get back on track. So if you traveling in a foreign land I would advise you to keep on to the main roads for safety reasons!

 Make friends

 Finally, why leave a country a stranger as you entered it? Get to know people. Be as friendly as possible. But do keep in mind to be wary of fraudsters!