Tips To Make Learning Interesting For Younger Children

It is important to find out how your child interacts and communicates even at a young age, but you can always use a fun approachable way to teach and bond with your child as well. Children will usually learn something faster and remain interested if they are doing something they enjoy. As a parent, you can find out what your child really enjoys doing and so that they can develop their learning and play skills too.

How to Get Involved
Children between the ages of one to three are still developing their very basic language and learning skills at a faster rate. Each child is different and you should not get seriously worried if your child is moving at their own pace compared to other children of the same age. While not over-whelming them with too much, you can engage with them during play activities or simply by reading colourful books with large words and pictures.

Fun Learning Activities
When taking part in something that interests them, there is a higher chance that children will retain the information and new skills that they have learnt. This is why colourful Montessori toys with interesting shapes and sounds are created in such a way. Children love things that make amusing sounds or music, so you can easily find such gadgets that have nursery rhymes or educational songs when they are interacted with. There are even flash cards for young children with large colourful pictures and character to help them recognise different objects. This includes educational games that deal with subjects like mathematics, science, general knowledge and even music.

Encouraging Creativity
When visiting a toy store in Singapore, most children will definitely get carried away by the many items on display. However, you can try turning this into a fun activity where they get to choose an educational toy of their choice to make them feel included. You can help them select colouring books, art materials and more to help bring out their creativity under you guidance of course. There even websites and Pinterest tutorials that are full of ideas that both you and your child will enjoy.

Hands-On Activities
Playing with play dough, clay and getting children engaged in activities where they get to make things, explore their creativity and artistic nature is a simple but great way to learn something about your children. This also includes getting involved in simple craft projects that both parents and children can do or where you simply let the children express themselves creatively.