Using Technology To Reduce Animal Cruelty

If you are an animal activism, you no doubt know a lot about the way animals are abused in this modern world we live in. Every year fifty six billion land animals are3 cruelly slaughter for consumption of humans when in reality, animals and animal products are not good for the body and are causing many illnesses and disease including cancer. As an activist, it is important for you to look in to different methods of reducing animal cruelty and technology can greatly help with this.

Animals are used for almost every aspect of our lives from food to entertainment to animal testing. Technology can help to reduce every one of these things.

Technology to reduce animal use in entertainment
Animal use in entertainment is seen in zoos where animals are taken from their families and their homes in their natural habitat to be put on display for people’s entertainment and used under the guise of education. 3d print now allows us to print these animals and let people look and observe machines that look identical to the real thing will reduce animal use and captivity to a great extent.

Animals are also used to entertain people in circuses and other such processions and parades and even in these cases, a 3d printing metal animal is able to take the place of a real animal.

The notion that animals in zoos help children to learn about animals is a lie because a young child will be able to tell you a lot more about a dinosaur than he would an animal at the zoo and therefore these animals are stolen from their habitats and from their families for no apparent reason.

Animal use in medicine
Animals are used in medicine for medical students to dissect under the guise of learning the science although the animal body and the human body are vastly different from each other and therefore, all the animal that die for medical student die in vain. However, in this day and age, we are able to print these body parts just as they should be and medical students can now test on organs that are identical to human organs. As such, if used correctly, technology has many ways of reducing the suffering caused to animals every day even to the point of creating meat that is not from a dead animal which means that we can save up to fifty six billion lives every year by using technology because animals will no longer need to die for people to eat meat.